Tendering Task Force

Tenders have become a common practice for developing solar all over the world. The new State Aid regime in Europe is only going to reinforce this trend: gradually, all new PV plants above 1 MW will have to compete for support in a technology neutral bidding process. Several countries already anticipated this shift. And as far as the recent experience can tell, design parameters play a crucial role in this discussion. Against this background, several companies have expressed the wish for SolarPower Europe to coordinate the development of industry guidelines in order to support policy-makers when designing new tendering schemes. 

The activities of the new Task Force on tendering could include:

  • Reviewing current experiences and best practices in the EU and beyond
  • Developing clear industry-led guidelines for the design of tendering schemes
  • Facilitating debate amongst experts from the project development and power business
  • Setting up a dialogue with key policy-makers on the topic

For more information on the Trade Task Force please contact Alexandre at a.roesch@solarpowereurope.org; +32 2 709 55 22

Scoping Workshop 10 July 2015

Please find below all available documents (login to access):

  • List of participants
  • Presentation of the meeting, SolarPower Europe
  • Renewable energy policies and auctions, IRENA
  • Auctions for Renewable Energy in the European Union, Agora Energiewende
  • Minutes of the meeting