Solar Market and Industry



From slightly more than a GW in 2004, the solar power capacity in the EU 28 has increased to almost 89 GW ten years later. Through the Global Market Outlook, an authoritative publication in the solar business, every year SolarPower Europe is providing new forecasts on market developments in the EU and globally.


More importantly, we work to turn our forecasts into reality, ensuring a strong growth of solar power in Europe:

  • Financing: given the increasing importance of the cost of capital in the competitiveness of solar power, we are involved in several projects aimed at defining new business models, increasing the bankability of solar plants  and attracting new and alternative forms of financing. Reducing the cost of financing will make the energy transition cheaper.
  • Trade: if Europe wants to be number 1 in renewables, it should facilitate exporting opportunities and trade exchanges. SolarPower Europe is working closely with the European Commission to liberalise tariffs on solar goods and services and to ensure that non-tariff barriers are lifted. 
  • Innovation: there is still potential for further cost reductions, efficiency and system integration improvements, as well as for innovative solar power applications, such as building-integrated systems. For this reason, we advocate policy support to solar power innovation and we facilitate knowledge exchanges  between industry and the research communities.