O&M Best Practices Guidelines

SolarPower Europe together with its Task Force members are happy to present the first version of the "O&M Best Practices Guidelines". In these report O&M focuses on the technical operations and maintenance services for utility-scale PV power plants. Asset management, which is also a very important piece of PV plant ownership, is seen to cover all the commercial and administrative activities of importance during the lifetime of the plant. Since the responsibilities of O&M and asset management cannot be separated along a clearly defined line of tasks or items, SolarPower Europe welcome feedback on this document, which aims to capture the experience now. As our industry evolves there will always be room for improvement, also in the content of this document, please do take the time to let us know of your experience and the value of these guidelines.

Enjoy this report! Your feedback is more than welcome on any aspect, in order to improve the next version and make it more impactful for our industry.

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Download the O&M Practice Guidelines

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