Photo: Gerald Mueller (LONGi Solar), Alexander Peter Naujoks (SMA Solar Technology AG), Christian Westermeier, President of SolarPower Europe, Alison Finch (Huawei Technologies), Patrick Monino (ENI SpA), Marcus Mueller (Tesla Inc). Photo: Michel Bataille/ SolarPower Europe

5 Directors elected to the SolarPower Europe Board

By: Kristina Thoring, Senior Political Communications Advisor

Following SolarPower Europe's Annual General Meeting on 14 March, 5 new Directors were elected to the SolarPower Europe Board.

The elected board members represent diverse and strong solar market players, who bring a breath of professional expertise, knowledge and skills to the association.

The New Directors of the Board are:

Alison Finch - Huawei Technologies

Marcus Mueller - Tesla Inc.

Patrick Monino - ENI SpA

Alexander Peter Naujoks - SMA Solar Technology AG

Gerald Mueller - LONGi Solar

Congratulations to you all!