Photo: Organisations from all 28 EU Photo: Member States have called on the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to end the trade measures on imported solar panels (Photo credit: European Union 2014 - European Parliament.)

Trade update: Over 250 EU companies and associations urge the European Commission to Remove the MIP and Trade Duties  

By: Kristina Thoring, Senior Political Communications Advisor

SolarPower Europe has recently submitted a public letter to the European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker, calling on him to honour his promise of February 2017 and phase out the trade measures on solar panels and cells imported to the EU from China and other Asian countries.

The letter represents solar companies and associations from every Member State, and have been joined by over 1 million electrical installers and 1 million energy citizens from cooperatives in opposition to the trade measures on solar panels. These organisations urge the Commission to remove the 5 year-long solar trade duties, that has only resulted in reduced demand for solar, lost jobs and reduced competitiveness. The letter calls on the EU to look at other policies, such as an industrial strategy, that can boost the entire solar value chain and return growth to the solar sector.

The European Commission will decide by 3 September 2018 to remove or maintain the minimum import price (MIP) and trade duties on imported solar panels and cells.


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