SolarPower Europe ranked 2nd on InfluenceMap!

By: Alyssa Pek, Communications Assistant

While everyone is headed back to school this month, SolarPower Europe is already at the top of its class!

We have received an A+ grade, according to InfluenceMap, ranking us 2nd on their list of global influencers on climate policy.

InfluenceMap analyses and ranks global corporations and trade associations on their lobbying of climate policy, empowering investors and campaigners with up to date and relevant research. The organizational score represents the degree to which the organization is directly influencing climate policy and legislation (through its political messaging and engagement with policymakers).

SolarPower Europe received a glowing review, with InfluenceMap saying the following of our association:

“SolarPower Europe is actively and positively lobbying EU energy and climate policy. SolarPower Europe has stated strong support for the Paris Agreement and in an open letter in 2016 advocated that the EU should encourage the agreement's enforcement by reforming the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS). SolarPower also supports EU ETS reforms that would improve the efficiency of the scheme and has supported binding renewable energy and energy efficiency targets to complement the EU ETS in a 2016 EU consultation response. In 2016, SolarPower advocated to raise the EU 2030 renewable energy target from 27% to 35%, and in 2017 the Policy Director voiced support for the EU Clean Energy Package in 2017. In 2016, SolarPower Europe CEO James Watson was vocal in his support for the US Solar Investment Tax Credit. In addition, SolarPower Europe strongly supports the decarbonization of the energy sector through measures to remove fossil fuel subsidies. It advocates for governments to support the infrastructure for the electrification of transportation and recommended the implementation of national targets for electric vehicles charging points in a 2016 consultation.”

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