Decision on new Minimum Import Price (MIP) expected this week

By: Kristina Thoring, Senior Political Communications Advisor

On 19th July, the European Commission set out a proposal for a new Minimum Import Price (MIP) mechanism for controlling the price of solar panels and cells imported to the European Union from China. SolarPower Europe have considerable concerns with the Commission’s new proposed MIP.

To begin, the new proposed MIP prices are much higher than market prices, in fact, the proposal from DG Trade is more than 12 months behind market prices. The proposed mechanism will therefore endanger investments in solar, given the publication of price information 12 months in advance.  As it stands, the proposal increases the cost on the consumer, on the government and on the European society at large.

We expect a decision on the new MIP this week. In relation to this, SolarPower Europe offers an exclusive information service to our members interested in the MIP and associated topics. Written by SolarPower Europe CEO James Watson, our trade mailings contain real time information and analysis on the developments of the solar trade case. 

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