Members Satisfaction Survey 2016

By Saskia Choffel, Business Development and Marketing Officer

For a third consecutive year, we reached out to our members to evaluate their satisfaction from our services and all the activities in which we are involved.

The survey results show that not only the level of engagement with the members has increased knowing that the number of respondents is 82 compared to 62 the year before but also the level of satisfaction, having an average rate of 7.6 in comparison to 7.4 in 2015. This conclusion can also be supported by the fact that 65% of the responses are with rates between 8 and 10 (1-10 scale from which 10 is the highest positive rate). The key satisfaction factors include: lobbying efforts, amount and quality of business intelligence and Task Forces.

Details about the survey results can be seen below.

Evaluation of Strategy Committee

  •   50% Responses between 8 and 10
  •   83% Positive Responses (>6)

Evaluation of Task Forces

  1.  7.1 average with only positive ratings on all Task Forces
  2.  Top performers: Storage and O&M

Evaluation of events

  •  7.5 For the Quality of organisation
  •  7.3 For the Content
  •  7.1 Business Relevance

Evaluation of member discounts

Less than 50% of the members are using the discounts and respective improvements can be made in terms of raising awareness and making the range of deals clear

Evaluation of communications

  •  97% Satisfied with frequency
  •  91% Satisfied with Relevance

Most used channels: monthly newsletter, website, direct emails

Members also suggested key challenges they would like SolarPower Europe to focus on. Despite the diversity of the results the top the topics can be grouped in 4 main categories:

  •  MIP trade case
  •  Storage
  •  National and European legislation
  •  Future market outlook (globalization, fragmented markets, market uncertainty etc.)

Top drivers for sustaining the membership:

Intelligence - 8

Political Influence - 7.8

Cooperation & Networking - 7.2

Visibility - 7.1

We are delighted that the survey results show that our members appreciate our efforts and continue to value what we do. We would like to thank our members once again for helping us improve our services by taking part in this survey and we are looking forward to achieving even more together in 2017!