Photo: Nicolas Hulot announcing the new Plan Climat for France

French Minister launches plan for climate

By Christophe Arnaud, Policy Advisor

Last week, the new French minister for the ecological and inclusive transition Nicolas Hulot announced the publication of a Climate plan setting objectives for the new French government on energy and environmental issues.

It "aims to mobilize the whole government over the coming months and years to make the Paris Agreement a reality for French people, for Europe and for France's diplomatic activity."

It includes 6 areas of action:

  • Making implementation of the Paris Agreement irreversible;
  • Improving the daily lives of all French people;
  • Doing away with fossil fuels and committing to carbon neutrality;
  • Making France number one in the green economy;
  • Bringing out the potential of ecosystems and agriculture;
  • Stepping up international mobilization on climate diplomacy.

Within these areas, the French government notably includes measures aiming at phasing-out coal by 2022, stopping the sale of CO2 emitting cars as well as fossil fuels production by 2040.

The increase of carbon price to more than 100 euros/t CO2 by 2030 is also an objective in the way towards delivering the commitment set in the Paris Agreement on climate change and limiting the global temperature increase below 2 degrees Celsius. This would mean a better recognition of solar energy's externalities benefits, and therefore a better valorization of solar power.

Next year, the French government will announce the tenders for the following five years. The objective is to reach 32% of renewable energy by 2032. France's support might be given to high performance solar PV in an upcoming research program.

Such a strong stance may influence the position of the Council in the frame of the Clean Energy Package, in a way that would make the energy transition towards a clean energy system faster. SolarPower Europe therefore welcomes very positively these announcements.